Most Enthusiastic Customer

The funniest thing happened to me the other day. Or at least it was the weirdest thing so far in my career of an entrepreneur. I was hosting a grill party at my place and was having friends over. We were preparing food when my phone rang at 7.30pm. I thought it would be some of my pals asking directions but it turned out to be one of my customers. The shop was obviously closed hours ago, but the guy REALLY needed to buy a spare part from my shop before driving to north for a summer holiday for weeks.

At first I wasn't really that eager to leave my guests at my place on their own and tried to explain the reasons why I wasn't able to help him. We talked about their situation for a while and because the guy sounded desperate I said finally OK. I didn't have a car with me at the moment so we agreed that he would pick me up at my place, we would drive to the shop and he would also drive me back - and so did we.

He had the whole family with him, along all the holiday equipment, so the car was fully packed. The wife had to hop off the car to fit me in, so she waited near my house the time we hurried ourselves to the shop. Well, we found the right parts and the customer was able to start his journey with his family, so there was happy ending after all. I believe the guy will be an extremely loyal customer after this, or at least so he said, and repeated thank you about million times. :-)

Customer servant above all, that's me! Sure the spare part costed a little extra because of the situation, but not that much. After this I was able to continue my grill party. Luckily my friends coped well with the dogs and the grill and I was able to walk straight to the dining table. I love how own-initiative me friends are. ;-)

Have a nice week!

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