The Black Elephant

This month is more or less all about traveling. The ongoing week I'm in Germany, Cologne. The main reason is to see what is going on in my industry, but this time we have time to seek some other things, too. Despite the fact I'm working all the time here, I'm having also a lot of fun exploring new things! Actually working and having a good time is one and the same thing. It's always good to see other entrepreneurs on the same industry and find some exciting new stuff to our shops. But in addition we have found e.g. interesting interior shops and great restaurants here.

The shops and restaurants have nothing to do with my businesses, and that's only good thing. It's always good to see some other world, too. Here is some pics from the shop we found here in Cologne, Schwarzer Elefant (Black Elephant). What a great place! Filled with crazy (big) stuff from all-around the world and the shop just continued on forever. Rooms after rooms in three different floors. After we had walked around the whole store I noticed the "no cameras" sign. Oops! But anyway, when the crime is already done I guess it does no bigger harm to load the pics here. I consider this as free advertising to them. ;-) (And btw, it was a phone, not a camera!)

The ostrich on the left was two times bigger than me. See also the bull and the elephant back there!


Dear Samsonite

We started our life together just couple days ago, but I like you already. Your shapes are lovable, deep metallic grey color makes me trust you and still you seem to be soft and flexible. I have traveled years with my old pal but now we have drifted apart; she had to retire and I'm still young. Now you came along and you promised to me to be loyal for at least ten years. I hope I can trust you.

The thing I'm most excited is the packing part. Now, if weight limit is e.g. 20 kg, I can really pack for 20 kg, not 15 kg + you. You weight nothing! (Ok 3,12kg.) And travelling with you should be light as well. I don't need to drag you anywhere, we can walk side by side hand in handle, 'cause you have four wheels legs of you own. We started our journeys together this week when we headed ourselves to Germany for four days. The following week we'll go to Sweden, and right after that we'll travel to Australia.

Samsonite Chronolite Spinner, our relationship will be tested right away.

Yours sincerely


Looking For An Eyewear

Lately I've found myself scrolling eyeglass catalogs online quite often. Last time I bought eyeglasses it was 2010 and since then I haven't even check my level of vision. I believe there's not that big changes in that but the glasses I have look pretty terrible. That's why I'm wearing them like... never. I have found a great Finnish manufacturer called KraaKraa from Tampere, Finland who make wooden frames with handful of different models.

The material of the wooden frames is usually birch, but there is also wenge, rosewood, walnut and oregon available. The glasses have no hinges so the wooden frames maintain the fit well. There's couple different sizes of each model so anyone can wear the glasses. The fit can also be adjusted with silicone nose pads. I have tested the frames once and I'm planning to go to their office to try the frames one more time before making an order. That'll be the first thing I'm going to do when I'm having my next day off!

These are my top 3 models from KraaKraa. The model Hank was my favorite before testing, but surprisingly the model Panto turned out to be the best for me. I'm still pondering the color; should it be oregon or shall I go crazy with the bright yellow?! I don't knooow!

Pictures from here.


Visit To Tarto

My mom and brother went to Estonia couple weeks ago to see Tallinn, Estonia's capital city. (Not to buy cheap liqueur like most Finns.) The most interesting part for them was the food and the culture. They would've been also my favorites to see and taste, but I was forced to keep the shop running. I'm going to be away a lot in the following moths, so I decided to stay home this time. Anyway, this reminds me of the trip we made last summer to Tarto, Estonia. My brother studied/worked there for a year or so, so he knew the places already. He was a good guide and we got into the country much better than I expected.

We visited also for example town called Viljandi and the lake Peipsi. The buildings are a bit worn out, but the condition of them only adds a little character to them. It's great to see how imaginative the builders/architects have been. Comparing to Finland the design of the houses are more versatile, so that's refreshing. It was sunny and warm, so we got to see Estonia at its best. Here are some pics from the trip. The pics are obviously one year old, but I believe you don't mind. :-)

Tarto was full of these "graffities". Some of them were more political than others, but they all looked sharp and classy. No smudges here.