Today I'm Snacking...

...french bread with prosciutto & tomatoes. Tastes awesome!

Have a nice weekend!


Design I Love - Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio, the love of my life! ...when talking about radios. Sure, there's nothing new about the brand, probably you've all seen this before, but for me it was a dream come true when I bought the model One this week.

I've had Tivoli Audio iPal this far (you've seen it here) but my mom took it to her new apartment which meant that I needed a new one. I knew what I wanted, no extra functions like Bluetooth or anything, just a good quality audio and the horizontal design with the walnut color.

I think the sound quality is much better in model One comparing to iPal since in iPal there is so many other functions like batteries and small size to make sure you can take it with you wherever, and for me it seems the audio has suffered from the other functions a bit. Since I need to listen music only at home, the model One with basic power cable was a perfect choice for me!

I love how the Tivoli Audio works with the Work Lamp.


Midsummer in Town

Normally I spend the midsummer in our family cottage in northern Finland, but this time I choose not to go there because it would've been at least seven hours drive with dogs on Friday and the same thing on Sunday. So basically only one day taking it easy. So no thanks driving, yes please grilling and chilling at home yard.

Along grilling we visited Viikinsaari, an island nearby, where we found the midsummer dance pavilion and midsummer bonfire. I guess we're not going there next year, since we're not much of a dancers and the age group was a bit higher comparing to who I normally hang with (60+). I knew those things when we decided to go there and that was just fine, but still we left after 1,5 hours or so. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience. :-) The return journey by boat went fast 'cause we were entertained by a group of young men from Netherlands.

Last but not least we took a long walk in the middle of the night since the weather was warm and bright. The great extrabonus of the day was a tiramisu served by a new neighbor after the walk. What a great evening snack! I love my neighbors!


Working In Free Time - Never Again!

Today I did something I have done only few times before and hopefully will never do again; worked home outside working hours. I worked the whole day, came home and continued what I was doing when I left the shop. Sure I talk about the work quite a lot all the time and sometimes work from home, but work in my free time - never!
Despite the fact I'm an entrepreneur and I love to work, I don't like to work all the time. I really do love the free time I have, and above all, need it to keep it all together. I have million things at work to do at the same time and today I wasn't able to squeeze everything in one working day, it was b-u-s-y day! What I probably should do is delegate more. :)

I've stretched myself too much lately and I recommend working outside working hours to no-one. In the long run it's never healthy. There's too many people working their asses off and the end result is nothing more than burn out. I don't want to belong to that group, and because of that I have principles like "Do not work at home".

Vinski was as enthusiastic of the free time working as I.

Luckily the days are long 'cause it's summer so I had time to play with the dogs and enjoy the sun-shining and flowers, too. So working a bit more than normal wasn't that bad this time, I guess.

Have a nice week! :-)


Monki Sweater

Yesterday I had a Helsinki Day with my workmate since we had a meeting with one of the suppliers there. We maximized the benefit of the time we had, which meant shopping and having a good lunch. Hanko Sushi did satisfy our hunger and Monki offered some quality rags. I bought this white sweater for a chilly summer day like today.

Last week, besides working, I've been studying for entrance exams to School of Economics. I also managed to catch a cold, so fever has hampered the studying quite a lot. The studying could have gone better all in all. I started the reading in last December with a good tempo, but it slowed down to zero for months. So few last days have been filled with some heavy reading... The exams were today and the results will be published after a month or so. I'll be waiting!


Today I'm Snacking...

...rye chips with salmon salad and a bit of rucola. Very simple but, just because of that, perfect!


Golf Course - Week 1

This week I started to play golf. Actually my mom got a golf course as a mother's day gift from me and my brother (as I said here), so we were kind of part of the deal. We have talked about playing golf for years and now it was finally time to make it real.

The first thing, naturally, was to shop some proper clothes to the golf field. Luckily for my golf skills I've spend much more time in the field than in clothing stores. We started the course on Wednesday, practiced by ourselves on Thursday, had another lecture on Friday and had a practice day again today, Sunday.

We have this lovely trainer who has coached for forty years. There's no boredom seen in his face, he lives for the sport. This gives us belief that it's OK if we don't really get the swings spot on right away; we have fifty years or so to play the game and develop ourselves.

Now I'm just waiting to get to the field again and practice more and more. It's fantastic way to forget the businesses for a while. It's good for mental health just as well as for physical wellbeing. Yep, I'm addicted! :-)