Brisbane, Australia - Day 2

The second day in Australia was a city day. It started with a bush walk to a vantage point where we were able to see whole Brisbane. After that we actually went to the city and did some shopping and eating. We stopped by to this lovely cafe where we had the best cappuccinos and cakes. We also walked trough city gardens and took our time to just wonder and look around. I love the purple trees with no leafs, only the trunk and the purple flowers. I heard they started to flower just before I arrived. The last thing we did was a ferry tour at the river in the middle of Brisbane. The lights of the city in the dark were beautiful.


Gym Time

That's what I've been doing lately; weightlifting. I didn't remember that a woman can be so sore. I haven't been at a gym for a year but last Tuesday I joined a sports center. I've had three hard workout days since then. No pain, no gain - let me tell you, I feel the pain! :D


Brisbane, Australia - Day 1

So... about the trip to Australia. First day was the-jet-lag-day. I arrived to Brisbane at 5am feeling fine. Flights from Helsinki to Singapore and from Singapore to Brisbane went as planned. I took a train from the airport to the city and there was my dear friend welcoming me. We took a bus to her flat and I met a bunch of different people and got to know the place my friend lived/lives.

The schedule after arriving to my friends apartment was loose but planned. We went to Koala Sanctuary to see Australian animals. After hour or so I started to feel the flights and slept also when standing (I didn't either believe it was possible). I was tired as hell. After the zoo I took half an hour nap and then we headed to a grill party hosted by my friends student buddy. It was nice but we left early to get some sleep. After the first day the jet lag was defeated, hooray! I heard that many times it takes several days to get over the time zone differences.

The kangaroo couldn't care less. :-)


Australia - done!

WHAT. A. JOURNEY. Today I came back from Brisbane, Australia and I cannot believe it was all real. I was at Queensland only 9 whole days but I managed to see and do so much! The journey included inter alia snorkeling, surfing, sailing, grilling, partying and relaxing. I'll be posting more about the trip soon, but now I have to unpack my stuff and have a good night sleep. Coming back to everyday life was quick after 31 hours flight 'cause sure I had to go to work today at 10 am since I was in Finland already at 6.35 am. ;-)