Today I'm Snacking...

...take away sushi from Watami. The order was quite unimaginative as you can see, only one type of sushi on the plate. But it was a good Sunday lunch. :-)

Plate by Klaus Haapaniemi, Iittala.


Day At The Museum - Part II

Remember me telling the museum tour here? Well, it was not only Terracotta Army we took a look. There was plenty of other shows, too. The ice hockey and old toys themed shows were not the ones that made me hooray, but luckily there was for example show about the innovations made in the city we're living, and show about the history of the town. Sounds boring, but yep, that's me. My brother was more into the innovations and I was the most interested one when talking about history. It has always fascinated me and that was one of the school subjects I studied all the way until high school ended. After that I went with the economy studies. Anyway, here is some random pics from the museum visit.


Restaurant Day

Today was The Restaurant Day. (The last one was in May, as I said here.) This time the weekday was Sunday, so we had time to visit many different places. The first place we tried to go had sold out their main dish after 45 minutes, so we hurried ourselves to the next place called Meatlovers United BBQ. There we had the greatest pork sandwiches and soda. After that we went to the riverside in center of the city. There was restaurant called Cafe Malami. We ate tomato feta pie and had blueberry cake as a desert.

After queuing a while we got to buy our first meal. / Mirroring ourselves from the glasses of the door.
Queuing. / Pork sandwich - tasted gooooooooood!

I don't even like Pepsi. :-)

Blueberry cake. We shared it since we were full after many meals.


End Of Summer

It seems that this summer has come to an end. It's still warm, but there is autumn vibe in the air - and that's just fine. I'll enjoy the last days of summer and hang outside, but at the same time I welcome cooler days.


Going to Australia

I'm travelling to Australia, Brisbane next September. I cannot wait to visit my dear friend there! I just booked the flights trough Singapore Airport for a week and a half. There is already big plans including surfing and snorkeling. I'm so exited! :-)

Original pic from here.


Favourite Things At Home


I'm not that romantic person, but I do have this antique set of dishes in my home anyway. I like them as they are, but I don't want them to be too powering part of the interior. That's why I collected all the romantic pieces from my home to form a bigger set. These items all over the house would be a bit granny, but now they are more powering as a group and not too girly.