Restaurant Day

Today was The Restaurant Day. (The last one was in May, as I said here.) This time the weekday was Sunday, so we had time to visit many different places. The first place we tried to go had sold out their main dish after 45 minutes, so we hurried ourselves to the next place called Meatlovers United BBQ. There we had the greatest pork sandwiches and soda. After that we went to the riverside in center of the city. There was restaurant called Cafe Malami. We ate tomato feta pie and had blueberry cake as a desert.

After queuing a while we got to buy our first meal. / Mirroring ourselves from the glasses of the door.
Queuing. / Pork sandwich - tasted gooooooooood!

I don't even like Pepsi. :-)

Blueberry cake. We shared it since we were full after many meals.

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