Brisbane, Australia - Day 1

So... about the trip to Australia. First day was the-jet-lag-day. I arrived to Brisbane at 5am feeling fine. Flights from Helsinki to Singapore and from Singapore to Brisbane went as planned. I took a train from the airport to the city and there was my dear friend welcoming me. We took a bus to her flat and I met a bunch of different people and got to know the place my friend lived/lives.

The schedule after arriving to my friends apartment was loose but planned. We went to Koala Sanctuary to see Australian animals. After hour or so I started to feel the flights and slept also when standing (I didn't either believe it was possible). I was tired as hell. After the zoo I took half an hour nap and then we headed to a grill party hosted by my friends student buddy. It was nice but we left early to get some sleep. After the first day the jet lag was defeated, hooray! I heard that many times it takes several days to get over the time zone differences.

The kangaroo couldn't care less. :-)

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