The Black Elephant

This month is more or less all about traveling. The ongoing week I'm in Germany, Cologne. The main reason is to see what is going on in my industry, but this time we have time to seek some other things, too. Despite the fact I'm working all the time here, I'm having also a lot of fun exploring new things! Actually working and having a good time is one and the same thing. It's always good to see other entrepreneurs on the same industry and find some exciting new stuff to our shops. But in addition we have found e.g. interesting interior shops and great restaurants here.

The shops and restaurants have nothing to do with my businesses, and that's only good thing. It's always good to see some other world, too. Here is some pics from the shop we found here in Cologne, Schwarzer Elefant (Black Elephant). What a great place! Filled with crazy (big) stuff from all-around the world and the shop just continued on forever. Rooms after rooms in three different floors. After we had walked around the whole store I noticed the "no cameras" sign. Oops! But anyway, when the crime is already done I guess it does no bigger harm to load the pics here. I consider this as free advertising to them. ;-) (And btw, it was a phone, not a camera!)

The ostrich on the left was two times bigger than me. See also the bull and the elephant back there!

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