Looking For An Eyewear

Lately I've found myself scrolling eyeglass catalogs online quite often. Last time I bought eyeglasses it was 2010 and since then I haven't even check my level of vision. I believe there's not that big changes in that but the glasses I have look pretty terrible. That's why I'm wearing them like... never. I have found a great Finnish manufacturer called KraaKraa from Tampere, Finland who make wooden frames with handful of different models.

The material of the wooden frames is usually birch, but there is also wenge, rosewood, walnut and oregon available. The glasses have no hinges so the wooden frames maintain the fit well. There's couple different sizes of each model so anyone can wear the glasses. The fit can also be adjusted with silicone nose pads. I have tested the frames once and I'm planning to go to their office to try the frames one more time before making an order. That'll be the first thing I'm going to do when I'm having my next day off!

These are my top 3 models from KraaKraa. The model Hank was my favorite before testing, but surprisingly the model Panto turned out to be the best for me. I'm still pondering the color; should it be oregon or shall I go crazy with the bright yellow?! I don't knooow!

Pictures from here.

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