Dear Samsonite

We started our life together just couple days ago, but I like you already. Your shapes are lovable, deep metallic grey color makes me trust you and still you seem to be soft and flexible. I have traveled years with my old pal but now we have drifted apart; she had to retire and I'm still young. Now you came along and you promised to me to be loyal for at least ten years. I hope I can trust you.

The thing I'm most excited is the packing part. Now, if weight limit is e.g. 20 kg, I can really pack for 20 kg, not 15 kg + you. You weight nothing! (Ok 3,12kg.) And travelling with you should be light as well. I don't need to drag you anywhere, we can walk side by side hand in handle, 'cause you have four wheels legs of you own. We started our journeys together this week when we headed ourselves to Germany for four days. The following week we'll go to Sweden, and right after that we'll travel to Australia.

Samsonite Chronolite Spinner, our relationship will be tested right away.

Yours sincerely

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