Visit To Tarto

My mom and brother went to Estonia couple weeks ago to see Tallinn, Estonia's capital city. (Not to buy cheap liqueur like most Finns.) The most interesting part for them was the food and the culture. They would've been also my favorites to see and taste, but I was forced to keep the shop running. I'm going to be away a lot in the following moths, so I decided to stay home this time. Anyway, this reminds me of the trip we made last summer to Tarto, Estonia. My brother studied/worked there for a year or so, so he knew the places already. He was a good guide and we got into the country much better than I expected.

We visited also for example town called Viljandi and the lake Peipsi. The buildings are a bit worn out, but the condition of them only adds a little character to them. It's great to see how imaginative the builders/architects have been. Comparing to Finland the design of the houses are more versatile, so that's refreshing. It was sunny and warm, so we got to see Estonia at its best. Here are some pics from the trip. The pics are obviously one year old, but I believe you don't mind. :-)

Tarto was full of these "graffities". Some of them were more political than others, but they all looked sharp and classy. No smudges here.

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