Midsummer in Town

Normally I spend the midsummer in our family cottage in northern Finland, but this time I choose not to go there because it would've been at least seven hours drive with dogs on Friday and the same thing on Sunday. So basically only one day taking it easy. So no thanks driving, yes please grilling and chilling at home yard.

Along grilling we visited Viikinsaari, an island nearby, where we found the midsummer dance pavilion and midsummer bonfire. I guess we're not going there next year, since we're not much of a dancers and the age group was a bit higher comparing to who I normally hang with (60+). I knew those things when we decided to go there and that was just fine, but still we left after 1,5 hours or so. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience. :-) The return journey by boat went fast 'cause we were entertained by a group of young men from Netherlands.

Last but not least we took a long walk in the middle of the night since the weather was warm and bright. The great extrabonus of the day was a tiramisu served by a new neighbor after the walk. What a great evening snack! I love my neighbors!

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