Design I Love - Tivoli Audio

Tivoli Audio, the love of my life! ...when talking about radios. Sure, there's nothing new about the brand, probably you've all seen this before, but for me it was a dream come true when I bought the model One this week.

I've had Tivoli Audio iPal this far (you've seen it here) but my mom took it to her new apartment which meant that I needed a new one. I knew what I wanted, no extra functions like Bluetooth or anything, just a good quality audio and the horizontal design with the walnut color.

I think the sound quality is much better in model One comparing to iPal since in iPal there is so many other functions like batteries and small size to make sure you can take it with you wherever, and for me it seems the audio has suffered from the other functions a bit. Since I need to listen music only at home, the model One with basic power cable was a perfect choice for me!

I love how the Tivoli Audio works with the Work Lamp.

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