Golf Course - Week 1

This week I started to play golf. Actually my mom got a golf course as a mother's day gift from me and my brother (as I said here), so we were kind of part of the deal. We have talked about playing golf for years and now it was finally time to make it real.

The first thing, naturally, was to shop some proper clothes to the golf field. Luckily for my golf skills I've spend much more time in the field than in clothing stores. We started the course on Wednesday, practiced by ourselves on Thursday, had another lecture on Friday and had a practice day again today, Sunday.

We have this lovely trainer who has coached for forty years. There's no boredom seen in his face, he lives for the sport. This gives us belief that it's OK if we don't really get the swings spot on right away; we have fifty years or so to play the game and develop ourselves.

Now I'm just waiting to get to the field again and practice more and more. It's fantastic way to forget the businesses for a while. It's good for mental health just as well as for physical wellbeing. Yep, I'm addicted! :-)

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