Working In Free Time - Never Again!

Today I did something I have done only few times before and hopefully will never do again; worked home outside working hours. I worked the whole day, came home and continued what I was doing when I left the shop. Sure I talk about the work quite a lot all the time and sometimes work from home, but work in my free time - never!
Despite the fact I'm an entrepreneur and I love to work, I don't like to work all the time. I really do love the free time I have, and above all, need it to keep it all together. I have million things at work to do at the same time and today I wasn't able to squeeze everything in one working day, it was b-u-s-y day! What I probably should do is delegate more. :)

I've stretched myself too much lately and I recommend working outside working hours to no-one. In the long run it's never healthy. There's too many people working their asses off and the end result is nothing more than burn out. I don't want to belong to that group, and because of that I have principles like "Do not work at home".

Vinski was as enthusiastic of the free time working as I.

Luckily the days are long 'cause it's summer so I had time to play with the dogs and enjoy the sun-shining and flowers, too. So working a bit more than normal wasn't that bad this time, I guess.

Have a nice week! :-)

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