Artwork or not?

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have time to go watch some Finnish baseball. And it was not any team but my absolutely favorite one playing. I used to play myself years ago too. It was also great to see some old friends who don't really live herearound. We meet each other maximum once a year. I didn't have time to take pictures 'cause for me it was more important to watch the game and see the familiar faces in my current hometown. :-) The route I took to the baseball field included some funny graffiti.

There's a great juxtaposition when there is graffiti surrounded by nature. In places like these I accept this kind of artwork when it does no harm to anyone. The places themselves, where the paintings are, are not that pretty anyway. It's totally different when there is some smudge on someone's property which has value e.g. house wall. But these... these I like!

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