A Week Starter

Yesterday I bought some flowers to brighten up my apartment - they did the same thing to me too this morning. It's good to start the week with fresh flowers. Fresh start for the week also.

Last week was a bit exhausting because of a minor water damage. Snow was melting through a building roof and ended up into my shop, so that caused a bit of extra work. Luckily it was solved with just a couple of phone calls. Men from property maintainance came and repaired the roof and fortunately not many items from the shop was ruined. Let's hope this week will be a bit easier in that matter.

Despite the water damage last week was just fine and ended for a relaxing sunday with my two lovely jackrussel terriers and some interior magazines. Yesterday I indeed loaded up some batteries so I'm ready for the week.

The dogs will continue to load the batteries.

Hope you'll have an energetic week!

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