Summer Jacket

Yey, today I got to wear my summer leather jacket first time this year. It was warm and sunny after couple days of raining, so I did not hesitate to take a walk around the city. I also had a lunch on the same trip because this girl loves to dine out. (Btw you can find me nowdays also from Twitter and Instagram. There you can see where I stopped by.)

Last week there was snow all over the place but suddenly I see flowers and butterflies everywhere (at least I saw one of each). The mood of the city is changin along the weather. Today there was markets all around and a lot of people just hanging out and enjoying the sun. I see summer coming, fantastic! :)

At this moment I'm already on the other city for the next weeks work. I'll have a hectic week of training the employees starting tomorrow. Until then I'm gonna take it easy and have some Ben&Jerry's.

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