Favourite Things At Home

I'm living in a house built in 1914 - almost 100 years full! It's half brick half wooden and the condition of the building is great thanks to the previous owners. I've lived here about eighteen months so the place is getting familiar to me. Now I want to share my favourite things about my apartment here to you.

Favourite things at home - No.1
Wide Windowsills

I'm living on the ground floor so I'm surrounded by bricks. Nevertheless I'm not feeling like being in jail thanks to the big windows to three different compass point. The bricks means thick walls and the thick walls means wide windowsills and oh boy, I looove them! (You have already seen them here, here and here.)

You can see that I've collected quite a good amount of stuff on some of the windowsills already. I try not to overfill them but sometimes the temptation is too big. ;) Thanks to Vili, my Jackrussel, I need to keep a little space there so that he can every now and then hop to the windowsill and do his thing = stalk the neighbours.

Please ignore the dirty windows, it's because of the dog's nose. I'll clean it tomorrow. Or propably next week. Most likely next summer... in 2014. At least they were clean when I bought the house!

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