As I wrote here, we had cheese&wine theme evening with my friends last weekend. We had quite good variety of different cheeses served and many of them were unfamiliar to me. Sure there was the old favourites: gouda, brie, pepper cheese and blue cheese. But in addition there was also wasabi, safari and smoky cheese.

The wasabi cheese is the green one in the pic and it tasted softer than I imagined. It was actually quite nice - I'll add that one to my list of favourite cheeses. The red/orange one is the smoky cheese. It tasted smoky, so no suprises there. Anyway, it worked well with grapes. The safari cheese was the most vibrant by flavours. I believe there was bit of chili, olives and pepper in there. The safari cheese was fun experience, but is it consolidating its place on my cheese plate? Unfortunately no.

Here is my top 3 list of cheese & garnish:
1) Blue cheese & rye bread chips
2) Wasabi cheese & pretzel
3) Pepper cheese & grapes

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