Home Sweet Home

It's weekend again and I'm home! I took a work trip in the beginning of the week to the city where I have my other shop. After couple nights of sleeping on a couch it was nice to come back home and have a good night sleep. I had the dogs with me and it wasn't just me who was sleeping uneasily. They woke me up around 5am - I'm normally waking around 7am. Luckily it was only the first morning, the next ones went better. Despite that the journey was worth to make.

It was great to see my employees after a long time, too long actually. Sure we phone each other all the time but it's always different to see people face to face. Anyway the training went well and I think everybody got something out of that; employees information about the products and the business practices and me loads of new ideas and energy for the shops. Win-win.

Why I'm living in another city than my employees? I have two shops with my business partner and I'm managing mainly the one that is located at my hometown. The other one is managed logically by the other owner. Simple as that! :)

Now I'm already planning next weeks parties. I'll tell you more about that a little later. ;)
Have a nice weekend!

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