Party Planning

Tuesday we are celebrating the 1st of May (it's called vappu in Finland) and I'm hosting a little pre-party at my place then. I'm thinking outdoors parties at my back yard including good food, drinks and fun games. Here's couple inspiration pics.

Pics from here and here.

I've already purchased most of the stuff (food) I need, since there has been no work disturbing my party planning today. I bought only the things that I can use both outdoors and indoors, because we are still in the middle of the spring. There is a lot of sun but there can be also a lot of rain, so I have to be ready for the plan b indoors. Fortunately it's no problem to host the party indoors if needed. Let's hope it'll be as beautiful day as today. Sun is shining and I'm loving it!

Shopping list and board game for the tuesday.

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