First Day Off of The Year

I rarely have day off in the middle of the week, It's just sundays when the shop is closed and I'm taking it easy. After last week's tiring amount of work I decided to start 'one free day a week' project. Let's see how that goes. I guess until now my motto has been "don't do what I do, do what I say", since I'm keeping this blog to show that an entrepreneur can have leisure as well, but were still working eeeevery day. But with this day off I confirm that I'm on a right path!

But anyway, here's what I was doing today.

First things first. Every girl needs to feed herself with good food. This was a simple meal with chiken, spinach&ricotta tortelloni, rucola and mozzarella. In addition a slice of rustical bread and the dish was done! (By the way, check out my brother's blog, DoneDishes. Not many full plates there. ;))

I went shopping and found among other things this pretty dress. Mainly for leisure or for special occasions since it's narrowing downwards and the lenght is just above the knees. I like the pleated bodice that make the dress look interesting and the grey color gives a chance to combine the dress with different kind of jewelry (golden/silvery) and other colors (red shoes&red lips/colorful scarf etc.).

I also went to the hairdresser and got a great new hair color. More of that a little later. :) The rest of the time, after heavy shopping and getting my hair done, we were mainly napping with the dogs. Perfect!

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