May Day

Yesterday we had fun with my friends. We had white wine with french loaf, played board games and laughed. Also my brother joined us later that evening. There's not many pics from yesterday, because taking photos wasn't the first thing in my mind. The main thing was to relax before a hectic working period starting tomorrow. (We are having a loyal customer event from thursday to saturday at our shop. It means long days and hard working, so there's no place for taking it easy before weekend.) We stayed indoors the early evening because of the rain, but went out right after it stopped. It's tradition to gather to the river to celebrate so that was what we did. It was cold, but it was fun.
Nighttime & white wine.
Muffin&cappuccino saved the day.
Daytime & love locks.

It wasn't only yesterday but today as well when the city was celebrating. It's the first of May and the city is full of students, so EVERYBODY is on the go. There's balloons, costumes and treats all around & the sun is shining, so you just cannot skip the festive mood. Sure it wasn't that easy to get up this morning due to the last night, but somehow I managed. Cappuccino and choco muffin kept me going. ;)

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