City Day

I participated the Restaurant Day yesterday, just as I said here, but not exactly as I planned. There was some delays at work so I had to work some overtime (thank god not too long), and that caused a little problem for me to get to the restaurants on time.

Some of the restaurants were closing earlier than other ones, so there was no time to get picky of choosing the restaurant. Luckily there was one in the same building where I live selling milkshakes. Naturally I hurried to get one of them to get my tummy filled. It was tasty and the restaurant 'owners' were nice (well, obviously - they are my neighbors after all ;))!

Today we had a city day even though all the 'real' shops were closed. There was a fashion flea market in Pakkahuone with all the stylish people selling their stuff away. I didn't really find anything to buy, but neither was I looking for. It was more interesting to see the people and enjoy the summer feeling of the city.

The most important thing to me was to find something to eat. It's starting to be a tradition for us to have a Sunday lunch in pizzeria Napoli every now and then. I've been there like hundred times and never been disappointed. This time I had pizza called Montagna. It included parma ham, pesto sauce and goat's cheese - yummy!

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