Tour De Hometown

Last weekend we took a walk with my grandparents around the town. It was nice for them to see a little more of my newest hometown. I've lived here over two years now, but in my downtown house only half of that time. Due to that the grandparents haven't got a chance to explore the city that well. We explored all of the interesting places with time, since time was all we got that day. The best thing was just to sit on a bench and look at the people wander by.

Tomorrow I'm planning to participate The Restaurant Day as a customer. There is private persons setting up a restaurant for a day to a park, to their backyards or where ever. The Restaurant Day has been arranged for years and I've visited many of the restaurants in the past years and so far they all have been fantastic. There has been for example spinach pies, brownies, soups and cupcakes. Delicious!

Have a relaxing weekend!

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