Loyal Customer Days

Huh, what a workweek! In a good way this time, it was just amazing. We had Loyal customer days and it was reeaaally busy. The whole work group was working their best and it was worth the effort. We are having the loyal customer days two times a year and every time they have been bigger. We have arranged them since we opened in February 2011, so altogether five times this far. It's always great to have good feedback from our customer but every time it's kind of suprising. You don't get used to it. It's like winning in sports, you just can't get enough and that's what makes you work even harder.

I'm blessed to have the best work group in the world. The collaboration is seamless when we are working, that's great! As a thank you for the employees we had a dinner together later on saturday evening when the loyal customer days were over. I ate inter alia Risotto al mascarpone e code di gamberoni (Mascarpone risotto and king prawns) and Semifreddo al lampone (Rasberry semifreddo and raspberries). They were delicious.

All in all the week was fantastic though tiring. Tomorrow we settle ourselves back to everyday life and I'm happy for that. The amount of work is huge when you organize this kind of event. It's great, but two times a year is enough. ;)

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