Lace Shirt & Salmon Salad

Yay, summer is almost here! It's warm enough to have just a tee on - that's great after a long winter. (Not that long for real; it was standard and went quickly since I had so much to do with the work. I guess it's just a bad habit to complain about the winter. Is it just us Finns who do that?)

Besides wearing lighter the warm weather makes me also eat lighter, which is great after too many pizzas and burgers. I made an extremely simple salmon salad with couple different lettuces and paprika. Only thing I needed to add was a bread and Somersby and that's about it.

Here is my yesterday's work look. It's plain enough not to distract the customers but interesting enough with the lace. The lace shirt is somewhat transparent so I can easily imagine to wear it also at a party with skirt and high heels or on a hot day with colorful tank top and shorts.

I have not managed to get tanned yet but I'm sure the time will come. It's been said that it's going to be the hottest summer in years. That would be okay to me. Until then I flag to the Snow White look with my pale skin. ;)

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