Two Mothers And Two Daughters Makes...

...daughter, mother and grandma of course!

Last weekend my grandpa and grandma came from the north to celebrate the Mother's Day here with me and my mom (we live in the same city). It was great to see them after a long time. We see each other only few times a year, because the distances are so huge. Sure we call each other every week but it is important to see them also physically, because they are very dear to me.

On Sunday we made a long walk with grandparents around the city. I'll post the pictures a little later from that trip. As a Mother's Day coffee bread we had a princess cake and champagne&strawberries.

As a Mother's Day gift grandma got flowers and a water carafe. Mom got a golf course with us next month. It'll be interesting because mom has completed Green Card like hundred years ago, I have never played golf and my brother has played golf only in someones backyard and never got any courses. Fun!

Also the trees gave flowers to all mothers.
 Today is finally warm enough to wear shorts, so this day is going to be a good one! :)

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