Gone Jogging

Today was a free day from work for me. (Ok, I was at the office in the morning but left early.) So after a looong time, six months or so, I went running with the dogs. Sure I make long walks with them every day, but it always seems to be too hectic to go for a jog. But today was a good day to start - hopefully a bit more regular - running again.

Taking pics was a good excuse to breath a bit - for me and the dogs.

The weather was perfect; sun was shining but it wasn't too hot. We went to a forest nearby so also the trees gave shade from the sun. I could tell from the dogs that we haven't been running for quite a while. They were just as tired as I was, but we did surprisingly well. I used to be a proper sportswoman earlier in my life but the latest year has been so busy at work that the sports has been neglected. But I'm planning to do a change! :-)

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